Andrea Castello (Volta Mantovana, Italy 1982) is an actor, screenwiter, playwriter and director. His first artistic experiences date back whan as teenager he joined the theater company Artaban (Valeggio sul Mincio, Verona, Italy) under the direction of theater director Leonardo Lepri.

He moved to Brescia attended the Catholic University of Brescia and in this years worked like actor, screenwriter and director in many short films.

In 2006 he started his acting-solo career. In the 2007 wrote and played the show “28/05/74: un giorno come gli altri” a monologue talking about the massacre of Piazza Loggia in Brescia in 1974.

In December of 2008 was born Chateau Enterteinment, his amateur production company.

In May of 2009 wrote and played the play “Yeshua Ben Yose – Gesù figlio di Giuseppe“, this show had focus on the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

In the 2009 “Mondi Paralleli” reached the final in the competicion Film Lab Festival and “Disoccupato al lavoro” reached the final at the competicion Obiettivo Lavoro.

In 2011 he wrote and starring “C’era in una Volta…” show dedicated to his sometown and his family.

In 2013 he founded with young artist from Brescia the Cultural Associacion Ora.Azione working as actor, director and playwriter. For his Associacion re-edited his show “Un giorno come gli altri“.

Andrea Castello is a blogger too, who create the websites Legge d’attrazione – Un diario personale (about the Law Of Attraction) and Dettaglio Cinema – Recensioni film (about critic and trivia on the world of movies).

From 2016 is editor of the website ProjectNerd in the entertainment section.

He is currently writing self-help books without leaving his artistic side.

His all work are edited in Italian.